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SWRP (Star Wars Role Play) Collection Launched!

Over the next few weeks, we shall be regulalry releasing new items to our SWRP collection and are proud to announce the first outfit of many today:

The Star Wars Jedi Padawan / Initiate’s Robes (Unisex)

These Jedi Padawan / Initiate’s Robes repesent the traditional, modest uniforms of the Jedi Order. Similar robes are also being used by force-sensitive splinter groups like the Sith. They are made of a special, robust and at the same time light material which provides ideal protection for the Jedi.

Inside this box you will find everything you need to ensure this set of robes is the perfect fit for your avatar – each of the prim pieces come in 3 sizes (small, medium and large), each item of clothing comes in 2 layers and included in the box is a TPDesigns posing stand and a notecard with information regarding how best to make any adjustments and/or modifications as and where necessary.

The reason we have decided to choose this route to ensuring your items come with the best fit possible rather than re-sizer scripts is that we appreciate that SWRP and combat sims can be a super lag fest at the best of times without filling up your clothing with even more lag-tastic and unessesary scripts.

What you get in this Set:

~ Standard Issue Traditional Off-White Tunic Style Vest Padawan / Initiate’s Top (In Undershirt and Shirt Layers)
~ Matching Flexi-Prim Tunic Skirt Bottom (In Small, Medium and Large)
~ Off-White Standard Issue Style Padawan / Initiate’s Robe Pants with Gathered Up Boot-Top Details (In Underpants and Pants Layers)
~ Tan Soft Leather Padawan Buckled Boots with Accompanying Shin Pieces and Boot Base (In Small, Medium and Large)

Also in the Box:
~ TPDesigns Posing Stand
~ Adjustments & Modifications Notecard
~ TPDesigns Main Store Landmark

Coming Soon:

Acolyte Robe’s
(Light & Dark)
Apprentice Robe’s
(Light & Dark)
Jedi Knight Robe’s
(Light & Dark)
Elder Jedi Arbiter Robe’s
Elder Jedi Opressor Robe’s
Cloak of the Kursk
Robes of the Storm Caller
Jedi Master Cloak
(Light & Dark)
Shatterpoint Cloak
Cloak of Hate

Watch this Space!

This outfit can be bought from:

The TPDesigns Main Shop In Diamond Land


From XStreet SL


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Fantasy Elven Wear for the SL Roleplayer

~*~TPDesigns~*~ Gissi Fantasy Scripted & Sculpted Hooded Mini-Dress


~*~TPDesigns~*~ Gissi: Information

Gorgeous Fantasy Elven-Style Hooded Mini-Dress Comprising of Multiple Pieces for Several Different Looks.

This Outfit Includes:

~ Open-Front, Lace-Up Stylish Green/Grey Silk Fabric Mini-Dress with Built-In Underpants, Trimmed in Gold (Comes in a One-Piece Jacket Layer or as a Two-Piece in Shirt and Pants Layers)
~ Matching Scripted and Sculpted Hood Attachment with Owner Command Hood Up / Hood Down Options (See below for full instructions).
~ Green/Grey Silk Arm Ties with Flexible Parts
~ Matching Bra-Top for Modesty
~ Black Floral Lace Undershirt
~ Matching Micro Flexi Prim Mini Skirt
~ Matching Flexi Prim Jacket Tails Style Skirt w/ Open Front
~ Green/Grey Sheer Stockings
~ Prim Ruffled Stocking Tops with Flexible Parts

Also in the box:
~ Free TPDesigns Posing Stand
~ Adjustments and Modifications Note Card
~ Landmark to the TPDesigns Main Store


Hood Commands:

The hood works on channel 6; type the following in main chat to toggle the hood up/down while you are wearing it:


(Please Note: There are no spaces between the letter and words in these commands)


This outfit can be bought from:

The TPDesigns Main Shop In Diamond Land


From XStreet SL

Coming Soon: His and Hers Matching Fantasy and Gothic Hooded Cloaks…

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Earn Money with the TPDesigns Zoltan Fortune Telling Arcade Machine!

~*~TPDesigns~*~ Zoltan Fortune Telling Arcade Machine

I just love this – would fit in any club, pub, store, shop or mall – equally in-place in medieval, steampunk and gothic sims as it would be in a casino (if you were allowed to have them in SL anymore lol)

This Zoltan fortune telling arcade machine charges customers $1 per fortune (which you receive). Upon paying the machine they will receive their own fortune card which can be worn and touched to access their individual fortune. *

What you Get in This Pack:

~ Zoltan Fortune Telling Arcade Machine
~ Optional Hover Text Prim Add-On

Also in the Box:
~ Instructional Notecard
~ A Landmark to the TPDesigns Main Store in Diamond Land

Item Details

The machine itself is a single prim and comes with modify and copy permissions so one purchase means you can have as many of these machines rezzed in-world as you like.

The scripts are no modify which may therefore cause the machine to show as no modify – but when you enter edit mode you will see you are at liberty to adjust the machine prim itself.

The Zoltan Fortune Cards at one prim each, are delivered in a folder named: Zoltan: Mystic Fortune Telling Machine (as instructed upon purchase) and comes with transfer and copy permissions.

Full set-up Instructions included.

* There are over 100 different fortunes provided in this machine which are given out at random, instances of duplication therefore will be very rare.

I must say – I am particulary proud of this, my latest creation – I spent several hours writing up the almost 120 separate fortunes that your customers receive,  and adding them to speak scripts.

All this can be yours for only $150!

This item can be purchased:

At the TPDesigns Main Store in Diamond Land In-World (Where the machine is also on display)

and from XStreet SL

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Beltane May Day Floral Maypole

In good time for Beltane – TPDesigns proudly presents:

The Beltane May Day Floral Maypole


This beautiful and iconic Beltane Maypole will provide your May day party goers with a central focal point to the celebration. It contains a magical touch toggle on/off cascade of particles, and a rotating dance mat with a total of 6 unique dance animation poseballs so that you and your friends can dance round the pole in true Pagan style. The poseballs and the grass are both easy to hide if you choose and the pole itself contains component sculpted and flexible prims to keep prim count to a minimum without compromising style and design.

This Set Includes:

~ Lush Grass Trimmed White Free-Standing Maypole Adorned with a Sculpted Floral Garland and Flexible-Prim Wind-Swept Ribbons in Matching Shades of Pastels
~ Rotating Fresh Green Grass Circular Platform Containing a Total of 6 Seperate Animated Maypole Dance Poseballs in Matching Pastel Yellow.

Also in Box:

~ Information/Instructions Notecard
~ TPDesigns Main Store Landmark

This item will be on display in the TPDesigns Main Store in Diamond Land until Early May. CLICK HERE to view it In-World.

1. Introduction
2. Item Details
3. Maypole Instructions and Commands
3 a. Typed Commands
3 b. To turn off the rotation on the grass (advanced)
4. Setting up the Pole (Beginners)
5. Setting up the Pole (Advanced)
6. Further Notes


1. The powers of light and new life now dance and move through all creation. The wheel continues to turn. Spring gives way to Summer’s first full bloom and Pagans celebrate Beltane with maypole dances, symbolising the mystery of the sacred marriage of Goddess and God.


2. Item Details:
Grass = 7
Permissions: Modify and Transfer (Some scripts / animations no modify therefore the pieces may show as no modify but when you go into edit mode you will se that you are able to modify prim components)


3. Maypole Instructions and Commands:

Touch the main pole itself to toggle a cascade of particles on/off


3 a. Typed Commands:

hide/show – Toggles posesball hidden or in view
hide grass / show grass – toggles grass hidden or in view


3 b. To turn off the rotation on the grass (advanced):

Right click on the grass itself and select “edit” from the pie chart.
Click the “Content” tab where you will see a script called “Rotation Script”
Double click this script to open it and towards the bottom uncheck the tick box marked “Running” – hit reset and exit.
The grass will now stop rotating.

To turn it back on, reverse the process – go back into the script, tick the “running” box and hit reset.


4. Setting up the Pole (Beginners):

This Maypole comes in two seperate parts; the pole itself and the grass complete with poseballs for your dancers.

Rez both the grass and the pole to the ground, move the grass to your desired position using the red and green arrows in edit mode and then do likewise with the pole.


5. Setting up the Pole (Advanced):

To ensure the pole is central to the grass rez them both to the ground. Place the grass in your desired position and right click it and select edit form the pie menu. In the “Object” tab make a note of its position co-ordinates (the red X and the green Y; e.g. X=73.190 and Y=27.078) – you will see these numbers in the boxes labled “Position (meters)”.

Then go into the edit menu of the actual pole and simply ensure that the X and Y co-ordinates are the same as the grass – the pole will align itself perfectly central to the grass and you are ready to go.


6. Please Note: If you are modifying pieces from this item, do not worry as I will be happy to replace any parts damaged beyond repair if you were to accidentally adjust them incorrectly. I will however need the return of the damaged piece(s) in question first.

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Introducing… The Alchemist’s Apothecary Set

As promised:

Based on the traditional Alchemy Tools used in the 18th and 19th Century this apothecary set really looks the part and will complete any occultist setting – creating the perfect ambiance in a gothic or medieval sim plus many more. Many of the items are scripted and interactive and a combination of sculpted and regular prims has been used to achieve the best design possible with the lowest prim count. Each item in this 17 – piece set comes as a separate piece so you can pick and choose as you desire and as any potential prim restrictions allow. The entire set totals 65 Prims (see individual item descriptions for prim breakdown).

What you get in this set (includes individual item instructions where applicable):

~ Worn Stone Workers Bench with Back Panel and Tiered and Underneath Shelves (8 Prims)

~ Black Granite Crucible with Animated Molten Ore Contents. (Emits a magical yet subtle blast of particle at intervals). (2 Prims)
~ Matching Granite Crucible Ring Stand (5 Prims)
~ Matching Granite Burner with Animated Flame (Say “blow” in main chat to blow out the flame, say “light” to relight the flame.) (2 Prims)

~ Dark Metallic Inkwell with Black Swirling Animated Liquid Ink Contents and Quill. (3 Prims)
~ Open Alchemy Book (5 Prims)
~ Stack of Closed Alchemy Books (12 Prims)

~ Clay Bottle-Necked Jar (1 Prim)
~ Glass Bottle-Necked Jar (1 Prim)
~ Smooth Polished Clay Evaporating Dish (1 Prim)
~ Matching Ore Dish with 3 Sculpted Precious Stones (4 Prims)
~ Matching Powder Dish with touch on/off powder “explosion” – touch the powder to release the cascade of particles – touch it again to stop them. (2 Prims)
~ Black Granite Pestle and Mortar (3 Prims)
~ Brass Scales on Polished Marble Stand (10 Prims)
~ Two Sculpted Skull Mounted Candles with Animated Flames. (Say “blow” in main chat to blow out the flame, say “light” to relight the flame.) (3 Prims Each)

More Images Available by Clicking the Main Image at the Top of this Listing.

A Note about the permissions on this product:
To allow you to make multiple copies of any given item in this set it is set to modify and copy permissions – you will not be able to transfer any piece of this set at any time.
We highly recommend therefore, that before attempting any adjustments or modifications to any piece in this set (i.e. Re-sizing, re-texuring etc) that you make a back-up copy as TPDesigns cannot be held responsible for damages that occur as a result of your own modifications.

If you wanted to purchase this set with the intention of giving it as a gift to a friend you will be able to do this by using the Gift Feature.

This Set can be purchased:

At Our In-World Store:

TPDesigns in Diamond Land

or at:

~*~TPDesigns @ XStreet SL~*~

Coming Soon: Beltane Celebration Festival Set

Another freebie for members of the TPDesigns Group (If you are not already a member – join now to be eligible for the next freebie due to be released in a few days)


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TPDesigns First Video Advert!!!

How Exciting is this?

Ok, for me it is at least lol…

OK,  ok – I know what you’re thinking, this vid is pretty lame lol – gimmie a break, it’s my first one and the tune is pretty cool isn’t it? I promise I’ll get better at this so you can expect to see waaaaaay better videos on here in due course – in the meantime – I’ll leave you to “enjoy” this one lmao.


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St George’s Day Freebie…

~*~TPDesigns~*~ St George’s Day T-Shirt Freebie

St Patricks day is over and low and behold – before you can say “hangover” – TPDesigns is already offering a completely FREE unisex St. George’s Day T-Shirt!!!

About St. George’s Day:

St. George’s Day is on 23 April. It is England’s national day.

St. George is the patron saint of England. His emblem, a red cross on a white background, is the flag of England, and part of the British flag. St George’s emblem was adopted by Richard The Lion Heart and brought to England in the 12th century. The king’s soldiers wore it on their tunics to avoid confusion in battle.

This Unisex T-Shirt comes packaged in a themed gift bag.

How to get your own:

Pop in-store at TPDesigns: Diamond Land

Send a Copy to a Friend via XSTreet SL for only $1 (the minimal cost incured is to enable gifting of this item)

Coming Soon From TPDesigns:

  • Alchemist’s Apothacary
  • Beltane Festival Set

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