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~*~TPDesigns~*~ Frisky: Neko Kitty Cat Hotpants Outfit with Scripted Ears, Tail and Paws

From the New Neko Range at TPDesigns. Frisky is a daring, sexy and racy little number with a super cropped top and teeny hotpants. Includeds scripted and non-scripted versions of the tail, ears and paws and full instructions of how to make full use of the various components of the outfit.

What you get in this set:

~ Super Cute “No War, Just Muck!” Pengiun Bustier (Boob Charcoal Black High-Necked Cropped Top with Unusual Fantasy Designs Along the Edges and a Gorgeous Little Anime Neko Girl Design on the Back.(In Undershirt, Shirt and Jacket Layers)

~ Sculpted Draw-String Prim Turtle Neck Style Collar in Matching Midnight Black and Scarlet Red. Features Flexible Strings

~ Matching Blood Red and Midnight Black Striped Arm Bands in Gloves Layer.

~ Black High-Leg Panty Style Hotpants with Thick Waistband (in Underpants and Pants Layers)

~ Classic Dirty and Ragged Strpied Neko Socks with Bloody Bites and Scratch Marks. (In Socks Layer)

~ Chunky Sculpted and Scripted Prim Paws with Built-In Woollen Leg Warmer’s with Drawstring Tops. Features Cute Red Scratchy Prim Claws and Scripted to Leave a Trail of Cute Kitty Paw Prints When you Walk in Them (Paw / Shoe Base Included)

~ As Above only an unscripted version of the Paw’s in case you do not wish to leave a trail of paw prints as you walk.

~ Gorgeous and Dramatically Long Super Swishy Flexible Prim deep Crimson Hair Textured Tail with Frilly Wrap Around Chord and Laced up Top Detail. Fully Scripted with Touch-Activated Drop-Down menu That Contains a variety of Options that Enable you to “Interact” with your Tail such as “Tug”, “Caress”, “Swish”, “Brush”, “Wiggle” and More. (Full Instructions Provided)

~ As above only a non-scripted version for instances where you do not wish your tail to be touch activaed with a scripted menu feature.

~ Pretty Little Pointed Kitty Cat Neko Ears in Red and Black. Features a Single Matching Hooped Earring with Subtle Bling Script (that can be toggled on and off with a typed command – full instuctions provided).

The model is also wearing the beautiful: Toxic Butterfly Skin from Dark Devil Designs by Freak Gothly


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Under Construction


This weekend we intend to get into the main shop in Diamond Land and give it a bit of a make over, so things are gonna be a little bit chaotic for the next couple of days if you decide to mosey on down. Since day one it was always my intention to clearly categorise each section of the shop but this has had to wait until there were enough products of each category to make it worth while. Regular customers may have noted that these is to en extent some vauge categorisation going on at present but now we are pleased to say that we feel we finally have neough products (over 500 and counting) to fulfil a more accurate and concise method of categorisation. This is what will be involved in the shuffle round over the weekend.

The new categories for ease of customer browsing will be:

  • Gothic
  • Fantasy
  • Casual
  • Costumes
  • Formal
  • Intimates
  • Ethnic
  • Misc (just in case)
  • Sale Items

This will apply to both the men’s and women’s departments. The first floor decor dept will stay as it is for the time being although we do have plans for that area in due course too!

While we are undergoing the re-shuffle you are of course free to come down to the shop and make any purchases you wish amist the chaos, if you prefer a more harmonious shopping experience however you are most welcome to peruse the TPDesigns XStreet SL Listings which are now all up to date. Thank you for everyone patience during this time.

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~*~TPDesigns~*~ Little Red

~*~TPDesigns~*~ Little Red
Fairytale inspired Little Red Riding Hood costume in bright scarlet red with a super sexy edge. Includes scripted hood with 4 style options and a scripted hand-held flower basket that emits particles and scatters roses (akin to a bridesmaid / flowergirl) all around the wearer upon command (full instructions provided).What you get in this pack:

~ Scarlet Red Ruffled Flexi-Prim Mini Skirt
~ White Sheer Thigh Length Stockings (in Socks Layer)
~ Ruffled Prim Stocking Tops in White with Shiny Red Satin Tie Features
~ Crimson Jacket Sleeves Layer (In Jacket Layer)
~ Matching Skirt / Glitch Pants (In Underpants and Pants Layers)
~ Gorgeous, Cute and Sexy Red Silk Low-Cut Strappy Backless Top with Belted Detail and Cherry Red Swirls Front Design
~ Ruffled Matching Flexi-Prim Lower Arm Cuffs
~ Matching Puffed Prim Upper Sleeve Attatchments
~ Dramatic Scarlet Red Silk Full Length (Female Fit) Cloak with Shoulder Pieces and Blood Red Ivy leaf Clasp Framed in Gold Detail
~ Matching Scripted and Sculpted Cloak Hood (Features Hood Up/Down, Shadow On/Off Options Via Typed Commands)
~ X 2 Scripted Flower Baskets (one with hand hold pose and one without in the instance of AO clash – features toggle on/off glow particle effects and floral scattering feature – full instructions provided)

Other Items in the Box:
Information Notecard (with Scripted Item Instructions)
TPDesigns Posing Stand
TPDesigns Main Store Landmark


The model is also wearing:


Sweet Sin Skin from Devil’s Kitten Designs by Freak Gothly


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Forest Shopping Center

We are very happy to welcome The Forest Shopping Center to our collection of affiliate vendors, a selection from the women’s range can now be found along the east ground floor promenade of the center.

Click the SLUrl to see for yourself…

Group: ZP Zyngo and Mall

profile image

Group Icon(128 members)

Charter: ZP SHOPPING MALL and ZP SHOPPING CENTER : great sales, great clothing and items, good traffic,you can look SLsensor for ZP_Mall
Shop for rent 35 prims and above in ZP Mall
and Big shops in ZP center whit minimum 200 prims.
For join in this group, pls IM Zorop Hagel or Nikito Axel.
For join in Midnight Mania Group – secondlife:///app/group/38fc5cce-d8bd-02c7-186e-f94f8b5c2476/about

Founder: Zorop Hagel

View Full Profile…

Link to this page:

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My Fave SL Sites #001

So here’s one of the SecondLife related websites that I have lurking in my favourtites folder – I’ll be posting all of the links in this folder in due course cos it’s good to link to other people and share the world wide webly goodness..

I must admit, this one’s a little bit of a guilty pleasure, it’s so bitchy and hilarious. You’ll be clicking on “older entries” like crazy trust me…


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A Reminder…

I posted this at the beginning of August and am delighted with some of the stuff that has been donated for our photoshoots. It’s going to be a real pleasure showcasing some of this stuff!

If you didn’t catch the post the first time round, here’s a reminder…



 When it comes to modelling for TPDesigns products I use my own Avatar (so if you see me wandering around in a male shape, demo hair with a female AO  don’t be alarmed lol). What we are looking for however is the following items for photoshoots:

  • Skins (Male and Female)
  • Shapes (Male – must be of an “average” Avatar size)
  • Hair (Male and Female)
  • Shoes / Boots (Male and Female)
  • Poses / Animations (Male and Female)

If you specialise in any of the above (these must be your own creations, not resell products) and feel that you are able to donate them to TPDesigns for the purpose accompanying the products we are displaying we would be prepared to mention any items featured on our vending boards in the XStreet,, metaKiosk, the TPDesigns Blog (here) and SLUniverse Listings including a link (of your choice; SLUrl, Blog Link, Xstreet pages etc).

For Example:


The Model is also wearing:

Shoes by Duh

Skin by Vendom 

Pose from Striking Pose by Zelly Mornington


Etc… You get the idea…

Still not convinced why you should just hand over your stuff to TPDesigns for free?

Check out this:


This is the graphic taken from the TPDesigns Xstreet SL Traffic Stats page earlier today and represents the last 2 months of hits. As you can see we get between 600 to 1100 hits a day with around 200 of those resulting in sales. (and that’s just the Xstreet hits )

Your brand could therefore be subject to a significant amount of exposure with no charge for advertising.

Thought that might grab your attention

To submit items for consideration please box them up into a single parcel including a notecard with the following details:

  • Your avatar name
  • What you are providing
  • Your company name
  • The link you would like us to use
  • Any additional information you feel is important

(We only need one copy or any given item and the permissions are entirely of your own choosing)

Name the box: Donation(s) for Modelling [Your Company Name]

Drop this box in-world into the profile drop-box of: Tabatha Nostram and you will recieve a confirmation notecard upon recipt to let you know we have received it. (Unless I happen to be online and not busy when it’s sent in which case I’ll most likely just IM you)


  • Proving items does not guarantee that they will be used in photoshoots or be shown on vending boards.
  • We will not use any of your items for any other purposes – only for use on the modelling of TPDesigns vending boards and additional images posted on XStreet SL,, metaKiosk, SLUniverse, the TPDesigns Flicker Page and the TPDesigns blog.
  • We will, if we decide to use any of your items contact you with relevant links to the listings in which your items are featured.
  • Providing items does not allow any rights over the creative content of TPDesigns products and/or listings.
  • You must only provide items that you have created yourself
  • TPDesigns reserves the right to change, modify and/or make additions to these conditions

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As Promised…

Here’s the full low-down on the TPDesigns Meditation Chamber as promised: This can be purchased from Xstreet SL or In-World at present (will add to metaKisok and in due course):

~*~TPDesigns~*~ Scripted Stained Glass Conservatory Style Meditation Chamber (Seats 9 Avatars)

Beautiful, Magical and Mystical Stained Glass Meditation Chamber with Stone Steps Leading to an encased meditation platform of pearlescent opal adorned with deep indigo blue and gold flame designs pillows to seat up to 9 seperate avatars in the traditional meditation pose. Surrounded by 8 stunning feature stained glass circular windows, midnight owl, the green man, a higher plane of exsistance, oriental blossom tree, the minds eye, butterflies, tiffany glass poppies and tulip framed bass, topped with a celtic storyteller style design domed glass roof.

In the middle a feature rotating golden orb emits subtle and beautiful pink and purple particles which can be toggled on and off at will with a simple touch, which surround the chamber with an eerie white light when set to midnight.

Full Set Up Instructions Provided.

To View More Images of this Product, Please Refer to the TPDesigns Blog.



All the pieces provided in this pack come complete with modify and copy permissions.

This means that you are at liberty to let your creative juices flow and modify the chamber as you please.

TPDesigns however cannot be held responcible for any issues / problems etc that arise as a result of any modifications and / or adjustments that have been made by yourself. We therefore strongly suggest that you create a back-up copy of the chamber BEFORE attempting any type of modifications. For example, if you decide to change the texture on any given part of the build the original will be lost. Always back-up!

Thank You for Your Interest in This Item…

Please Visit Our In-World Store:

TPDesigns in Diamond Land

or Visit:

~*~TPDesigns @ XStreet SL~*~

to View the Entire TPDesigns Range

See Also: The TPDesigns Blog for all the latest information on TPDesigns updates, new releases and special offers, and the TPDesigns page.

Any Questions/Queries Should be Directed to:

Tabatha Nostram,

Either Via XStreet SL or In-World By Leaving a Notecard.

Thank You

[TPDESIGNS PRODUCT KEYWORDS]meditate chakras mystical hypnotic buda buddah buddist tao chi tai hypnotise particles effect glow light meditation wicca wiccan pagan druid nature art stain glass pane angel aura mental disapline thinking mind deeper state trance religion religious spiritual consciousness focus peace peaceful temple garden Taoism Buddhism new age qigong
Similar / Related Items From The TPDesigns Range:

~*~TPDesigns~*~ Celestial Solar System Model

~*~TPDesigns~*~ Chakras Meditation Pillow

~*~TPDesigns~*~ Crystal Ball

~*~TPDesigns~*~ Enchantment Spell



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Older Posts

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Latest Products From TPDesigns:

(Click a thumbnail to visit each product listing on XStreet SL)
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