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Sorry I havn’t been blogging for a few days – I am taking a well earned break from SL for the foreseable future. After starting TPDesigns as a join venture, I have now been left to run the entire business myself and am thus feeling rather burned out. I will of course, log in daily for a brief time and respond to any customer quieries and /or questions (please refer to the TPDesigns Product Support page for details of how to contact myself if you should need to for any reason.)

Other than this level of necessary customer support, I will be taking a back seat for a while  – Rather than finding the work demoralising from being let down – I’d prefer to take some time out and come back with a renewed vigor and motivation for the work here in SL that I love so much.

Thank to everyone who has supported me. Tabs x


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Another Bank Holiday.. Yey!

I’ll be away again this bank holiday – any messages left for me will be replied to promptly when I get back.

How to Contact me

Have a good un folks! 🙂

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Latest Addition to the Men’s Range @ TPDesigns…

Plus a flashy slideshow of the outfit and a little tune for you to bop to!

Now Available In-Store – Only $100

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X Marks the Spot Grid Hunt: June Update…

AS promised, the X Marks the Spot Grid Hunt will be back in June – I am now pleased to annouce the up coming details. Jeaniesing is currently taking applications from potential merchants:

Hunto to be held: 11th June – 18th June 2009

You can start dropping Jeaniesing Trilling notecards – name the notecard “JUNE – Your Name – X hunt”


Avatar Name:

Xstreet URL:

Business Name:

Business Description:

Business SLURL:

Hint for where the X wil be hidden: (go ahead, get poetic!)



Info for hunters:

What do I do??
Travel around the grid to participating merchants and venues and find the “X” that marks the spot to collect great prizes! When you find an X, click on it to get your prize, a landmark, and a link to the merchant’s corresponding store for you to bookmark. Follow the landmark to the next spot on the hunt and search that parcel for another “X” to keep going!

Join the X Marks the Spot Hunt group for some hunt fun and hints. Copy and paste this link into the game, hit enter, then click on it secondlife:///app/group/6e994bd8-263f-dc23-6374-c99c13c4cf31/about, or just go it alone. Follow the Rules for Hunters to keep things enjoyable for all of us. 

Rules for Hunters:
1. Play fair, have fun, and get good stuff!

2. Giving hints is fun, divulging exact locations just ruins it for the rest of us.

3. Think about how many, “Can you give me a hint?” IM’s the merchant has already gotten and then ask the group, not the merchant.

4. Keep spammy chatter out of the group and limit it to hunt fun… start an IM if you just wanna say “Hi” to a friend!

5. If the hunt fun in group IM is too much for you, quietly close the group chat window and open it again in 5 minutes or so rather than causing drama.

6. Report anything you see as an ‘unfair’ quietly to a group manager, so that it can be handled with the least amount of confusion and drama.

Watch this space for more info…

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Wiccan & Occultist Decor Slide

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Latest Designs Slide

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Another Addition to the Star wars Collection for SWRP in SL…

~*~TPDesigns~*~ Jedi Master with Shatterpoint Cloak (Unisex)

Similar to the Elder Jedi Arbiter Robes – a longer tunic skirt and the dramatic hooded Shatterpoint Cloak with distinctive design finish off the look that reflects the Jedi Master’s status andf power within the Order.

These Jedi Master Robes repesent the traditional, uniforms of the Jedi Order. Similar robes are also being used by the Sith only in much darker colours to reflect their affinity with the dark side. They are made of a special, robust and at the same time light material which provides ideal protection for the Jedi without hinderance to movement.

Shatterpoint Cloak: This is one of the cloaks you can receive from the Master Jedi Cloaks collection. It is the strongest cloak you can aquire, and together with statted clothing it is even superior to Elder Robes.

Inside this box you will find everything you need to ensure this set of robes is the perfect fit for your avatar – each of the prim pieces come in 3 sizes (small, medium and large), each item of clothing comes in 2 layers and included in the box is a TPDesigns posing stand and a notecard with information regarding how best to make any adjustments and/or modifications as and where necessary.

The reason we have decided to choose this route to ensuring your items come with the best fit possible rather than re-sizer scripts is that we appreciate that SWRP and combat sims can be a super lag fest at the best of times without filling up your clothing with even more lag-tastic and unessesary scripts.

What you get in this Set:

~ Standard Issue Traditional Brown/Beige Tunic Style Vest Jedi Master Top (In Undershirt and Shirt Layers)
~ Matching Flexi-Prim 3-Tiered-Length Tunic Skirt Bottom (In Small, Medium and Large)
~ Matching Standard Issue Style Jedi Master Robe Pants with Gathered Up Boot-Top Details (In Underpants and Pants Layers)
~ Tan Soft Leather Jedi Matster Buckled Boots with Accompanying Shin Pieces and Boot Base (In Small, Medium and Large)
~ Dramatic Brown and Striped Cloak Sleeves (In Jacket Layer)
~ Full Length Dramatic Flexi-Prim Shatterpoint Cloak in Rich Brown Suede Black with Gathered Neckline / Shoulder Details and Black Designs (In Small, Medium and Large)
~ Matching Sculpted Hood Down Attatchment (In Small, Medium and Large)
~ Matching Sculpted Hood Up Attatchment (In Small, Medium and Large)
~ Matching Sculpted Hood Up with Shadowed Face Attatchment (In Small, Medium and Large)

Also in the Box:
~ TPDesigns Posing Stand
~ Adjustments & Modifications Notecard
~ Additional Notecard with Folder Organisations Hints/Tips and Suggestions
~ TPDesigns Main Store Landmark

Item DetailsPermissions : Copy, Modify
See Item In Second Life®

More Items From This Collection:

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~*~TPDesigns~*~ Sith Lord Robes with Cloak of Hate

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Latest Products From TPDesigns:

(Click a thumbnail to visit each product listing on XStreet SL)
~*~TPDesigns~*~ Juliet Fantasy Medieval Princess Style Costume Dress Romantic, Elegant and Luxurious Fantasy Medieval Period Gown in The Rich Shades of Pastel Lavender and Royal Purple Accented in Golden Trim. ($100) Picnic ~ Gloriously Summery, Flirty and Elegant Summer Bikini, Skirt and Dress Set. ($100) Arachnophobia ~ Gorgeous and Elegant Dark and Mysterious Spiderweb Fabric Print Design Dress. ($100) Wild ~ Embrace Your Animal Side with This Sultry and Racy Animal Print Number. Features a ripped bodice and exposed chest option. ($100) ~*~TPDesigns~*~ Sunshine Mini-Dress & Long Bustier and Cargo Pants Outfit  ($100) Succubus: Gorgeously Seductive and Mystical Gothic Gown with Long and Shirt Skirt Options. Perfect for Sorcerers, Witches, Vampires and Women with Magical Personalities alike! ($100) Requiem: Sexy and Sassy Cute Gothic / Emo Dress Set with Mini and Full Length Skirt Options for Different Looks. ($100) ~*~TPDesigns~*~ Sith Lord Robes with Cloak of Hate ($200) Dead Beauty: Georgous Gothic Dress in Lolita Style and Full Romantic Skirt Style, because even Corpses need to look Fabulous! ($100) Chemical Kid: Japanese Manga Anime Inspired Emo Outfit with a Gothic and Punk Twist ($100) Raiden: Male Mortal Kombat Inspired Samuri God of Thunder Outfit ($100) Fireblade: Female Samuri Outfit ($100) Doom: Male Prim Fantasy Armor ($100) Hypnotic: PVC / Latex Matrix Inspired Jacket Outfit with a Gothic Edge ($100) Medieval Market Pack: Set of 45 Items and Props to set up your own Medieval Market ($500) Spell to ward Away Negative Energy: ($150) - Many more spells in this collection, click this link to view them all True Love Spell: ($150) - Many more spells in this collection, click this link to view them all Tease: Exclusive FREEBIE from TPDesigns - click the link to get yours now!


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