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~*~TPDesigns~*~ Arachnophobia Spider Web Gothic Gown

~*~TPDesigns~*~ Arachnophobia Spider Web Gothic Gown
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2 Thu July 30, 2009
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Description: ~*~TPDesigns~*~ Arachnophobia Spider Web Gothic GownGorgeous and Elegant Dark and Mysterious Spiderweb Fabric Print Design Dress with a Seductive and Daringly Low-Cut Back, Drop-Neckline and Cut-Out Side Details. (Black Bikini Thong Pants included for Modesty.)Features Sexy Butt Cleavage and Scripted Bling On/Off Options on the Diamonte Dress Brooch and Hair Pin Jewel (Full Instructions Included).

Outfit Includes:

~ Alluring Halter Neck Dress Top In Chacoal Black and Deepest Purple Spider Web Print Fabric, Completely Backless with Cut Sides and Slit Open Stomach. Features a Diamond Encrusted Spider on the Front (with Optional Bling) and Also on the Back Neckline. (In Undershirt, Shirt and Jacket Layers)

~ Matching Black Dress Glitch Pants (In Underpants and Pants Layers)

~ Matching Flexi-Prim Jacket Style Open Front Tails

~ TWO Flexible Prim Full Length Gown Skirts with Beautiful Fishtail Hemlines (each with it’s own unique style of movement – choose the one that suits you best) in Matching Purple and Black Web Fabric, Adjusted to Hang Seductively Off the Hips.

~ Black Bikini Style Thing Underpants for Modesty (in Underpants Layer Only)

~ Matching Black and Purple Lace Prim Choker

~ Single-Prim Spider Hair Jewel – Scripted with Bling and Optional Toggle On/Off

~ Invisable Prim Optional Dress Brooch Add-on Attatchment – Scripted with Bling and Optional Toggle On/Off

(Full instructions on scripted items included in pack)

Also in the pack:

TPDesigns Main Store Landmark
Adjustments and Modifications Notecard
TPDesigns Posing Stand

Item DetailsPermissions : Modify, Transfer

(Modify, Copy Version Available on XStreet SL)…ItemID=1660948


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Hiyah folks – I am back from my holidays with lots of ideas and inspiration for loads of new stuff for the shop, so keep an eye out of some new and exciting additions coming very soon!

It’s taken some time but I am pretty sure that I am up to speed with all the customer queries / questions that were left while I was away. If however, I have not replied to a message you may have left in the last couple of weeks by now then I can only assume that the message got lost and is presently floating around the vast realms of cyberspace never to be seen or heard from again. Please do not hesitate to get back in touch and I’ll sort out any issues you have or gladly answer any questons you may have.

I shall be adding to the blog as and when I create something new – presently  am working on a beautiful hot pink and white maxi dress with a tulip print fabric design and an elegant low-cut spiderweb dress. Once I’ve completed those two I have several ideas for some new additions to the menswear department… so watch this space!

Tabs xxx

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Summer Holidays!

Hiyah people – just to let everyone know that I am going away on my summer holidays tomorrow (14th July) and won’t be back until the end of the month.

Apologies to anyone that needs TPDesigns customer service during this time – I ask everyone to please be patient and await my reply to any messages left as soon as I return (all being well, I anticipate that all messages left during this time should be replied to no later than the 3rd August 2009).

Messages and general enquires regarding TPDesigns products and/or affiliate program and/or anything else should be left using the usual methods. (See TPDesigns Product Support)

Thank you.

Kind Regards, Tabatha

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