About TPDesigns

About TPDesigns: TPDesigns was created in January 2008 as a role-play / medieval fantasy fashion virtual clothes store in Second Life by Tabatha Nostram. From humble beginnings the store has grown in the past year from a 20 prim store above a beach themed nightclub to having it’s own main store location, a comprehensive collection of over 400 items that can be found in XStreet SL, Apez, in MetaKiosks and at over 25 different locations in-world. TPDesigns caters for both men and women in a variety of SL role play contexts and also specialises in Wiccan and occultist decor and items of curiosity to decorate your home or fantasy sim.

One thing we at TPDesigns pride ourselves upon is the great value for money – we believe that everyone in SL has the right to express themselves and their unique personalities through the way they choose their avatars to look without it costing the earth. This is why you will find not one single complete outfit in the collection that is priced more than $140LD. Fully scripted Altar Table Sets with a range of themes can be bought at a mere $200LD, entire homes are only $400LD!

Please take the time to check out the TPDesigns range and keep checking back here to the TPDesigns Blog for updates, new releases, information on special offers and much much more.

Questions/Queries regarding TPDesigns and related products should be directed in-world to: Tabatha Nostram by leaving a note card in her SL profile drop-box. Thanks


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