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Cut down in the prime of life…

Aplogies for the lack of blogging action to date but my PC decided to officially die on me and I’m stuck with very limited use of a significantly crappy lappy. While I await the delivery of new components to build myself a new and more superior system things will be on hold – never fear howevere – the break is giving me the opportunity to formulate many wp


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SL Secret, Week 58 is up!

Felt it deserved a link just cos it’s so addictive! (Click the pic)

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Full Details Coming very very soon (promise šŸ˜› )

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Request to Remove or Randomize the Xstreet SL Feed From the Dashboard

Roberto Salubrius has opened what I personally consider to be a very relevant JIRA on the current XStreet SL Feed on the Second Life Dashboard.

Here’s the details:

With the opening of the New Dashboard and it’s inclusion to Xstreet SL,

Having the Top Products feed on the dashboard, could affect SL economy
and also allows people to “game” the system, by using the prohibited
marketing scheme called “dumping” Reference:

In order to avoid this, that in the end affects the whole population of second life, I propose 3 solutions:

1-Randomize the Xstreet SL Feed so everyone gets a fair chance to be in it.

  • using this it’s valid to keep it because, LL nor Xstreet SL would seem parcialized towards giving something to people
    that use the dumping strategy.

2-Make the feeds using the already existing feed of new products
-This way new products and/or new merchants would get more exposure.

3-Removing the Feed from the dashboard.
-This is the worst solution, however it would not allow people to “play” with the system.

You can vote on this jira here:Ā (make sure you login first to enable the “vote” option)

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~*~TPDesigns~*~ Wanted Cowboy Outfit w/ Crotchless Chaps and Chaps w/ Jeans Options

Traditional Style “Bad Guy” Men’s Cowboy Outfit with Serious Amounts of Attitude and Options that Err Slightly on the “YMCA” Side if that’s the way you wanna play things…

Outfit Includes:

~ Plain Open Front Cropped Black Leather Waist Jacket (Jacket Layer)

~ Plain Open Front Long Black Leather Waist Jacket (Jacket Layer)

~ Black Crome Studded Leather Arm Bands (Gloves Layer)

~ White Shaded Flexi-Prim Arm Tassles (Individual Tassles set with different tensions and flexible levels for a more natural style of movement)

~ White Shaded Flexi-Prim Leg Tassles (Upper & Lower)

~ Upturned Brim Black Leather Cowboy Hat

~ Matching Black Leather and Crome Studded Hip Holster Belt with Double Leg Strap and Buckle Details (Empty Version)

~ As Above only a Verion that is “packing heat” – i.e. loaded with guns for when you do not wish to wear the hand held duel pistols

~ Double Guns (Hand held attatchments) in Crome, Silver, Wirebrushed Crome and Polished Gun Wood.

~ Rugged Black Leather and Crome Studded Belted Chaps (Crotchless in Underpants and Pants Layers)

~ As above only with Built-In Black Faded Jeans Section featuring Wild West (Confederate Flag) Skeleton Skull Back Pocket Patch (in Underpants and Pants Layers)

~ Black Leather “Banana Hammock” Style Underpants (Teamed with the crotchless chaps this is where it all gets a little “YMCA” as mentioned before) (In Underpants and Pants Layers)

More Images Here

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How to get to the Zindra Continent…


Thanks to Constanza Amsterdam for writing up these step-by-step instructions…

For an in-world copy of these instructions please contact: Tabatha Nostram via Notecard

[Edited To Add]

Wow, that image came up horribly didn’t it – I’ll re-write the instructions for those of you who cannot make them out:

1. Login to:

2. Click on “My Account” in the top right under your avatar name

3. Click on “Age Verification” in the left blue colum.

4. Fill in the details.

5. After submitting, you see: “Your information has been succesfully verified”.

6. If you haven’t done so already, download viewer 1.23 at

7. Start up the 1.23 viewer (Don’t login yet)

8. Click on “Edit” at the top

9. Click on “Preferences”

10. Choose the tab “General”

11. Near the bottom you see: “Rating”

12. Set this to PG, Mature and Adult, then click on “Apply”

13. Close the viewer and start again and login

14. Go to search and tick all the boxes in every tab

Now you are set to enjoy the Zindra continent and it’s shops!

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The Hunt is Underway!

The hunt has been open several hours now and the leaderboard is looking quite competative – get in now before it’s too late!

Here’sĀ the completeĀ list of the participating shops:

Participating Shops:

  1. Second Presentation Mainstore (24 items)
  2. Mindshift Farm (10 items)
  3. The Magic of Nature – Perfect Prefabs Coral (19 items)
  4. vMotional Animations & Poses (14 items)
  5. SLGuides Virtual World Tutorials (33 items)
  6. jeaniesing’s Things and Animations (9 items)
  7. QQ Creations and “Amber” (11 items)
  8. – your online shopping experience (17 items)
  9. SD Wears Main Store : Sassy Clothes for the Classy Gal (6 items)
  10. ..::SCRIPTED BIRDS (4 items)
  11. Volkshochschule, vhs :Ausbildung-Bildung-Kurs-Zertifikat, voice (28 items)
  12. Sea View Square (7 items)
  13. TPDesigns ~ MAIN STORE: Fantasy Roleplay Fashion & More! (12 items)
  14. > LK < Neko Gear Mainstore (25 items)
  15. [ vitage ] High quality fashion for fair prices (6 items)
  16. A.P. Inc. – Punkass Clothing (2 items)
  17. thorn mainstore with collars, restraints (5 items)
  18. FMS Deviant Domain (18 items)
  19. Cozy Living – Kitchen (7 items)
  20. Liquid BeatZ (5 items)
  21. DIVINE ARTISTS @ Zen Village (4 items)
  22. RanZ’- Cute Casual Clothes, Indonesian Fashion (11 items)
  23. Polenth’s Mushporium (40 items)
  24. Mindshift Ties (3 items)
  25. Mindshift Animations (45 items)
  26. ENERGIE – Rund um Energiesparen, Energieberatung u. Information (15 items)
  27. Beggars Belief (5 items)
  28. ~~Moonlight Shapes~~ Female, Male, Sexy, Sensual, Silhouette (8 items)
  29. ~*StoneCold Designs*~ (18 items)
  30. ~Dreams In Digital Art Gallery~ Unique Art and Photography (12 items)
  31. JLZ Designs – Main Store – Men and Women Fashions (11 items)
  32. Liz’s Independent Marketplace (hunt items all over the mall) (12 items)
  33. Bingtopia Mall- Shop, Dance, Romance,Meet,Chill (3 items)
  34. ~Firefly Fashions~ Clothing, Accessories, Buildings, Shapes (19 items)
  35. Alli&Ali Designs (27 items)
  36. Toy’s Tickle Trunk @ Dolome Designs Main Store and Mall (5 items)
  37. E! – Eclectic Apparel and Accessories : Vintage Casual Clothing (5 items)
  38. Wilson’s Designs for Men (6 items)
  39. Bella Mia: Fashion (10 items)
  40. Prims 4 U at Fairy Unique (12 items)
  41. Periphery (5 items)
  42. Eye-Catcher @ Zindra – One Stop BDSM Shop (12 items)
  43. Bella Mia Fine Furniture (6 items)
  44. Prims 4 U at Junkyard Blues (3 items)
  45. WSS – Winnie’s Simple Stuff (11 items)
  46. LnL’s Villa (4 items)
  47. SchooL: Learning and Teaching is Fun (12 items)
  48. Angelic Designs Store (3 items)
  49. Sweeter Than Candy Main Store (7 items)
  50. Babele Fashion main store quality outfits for girls (19 items)
  51. {Raediance} Stained Glass and Mosaic Furniture (15 items)
  52. ** Worldwide Industries Main Store ** (5 items)
  53. Fior di Perle Skins (20 items)

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~*~TPDesigns~*~ Juliet Fantasy Medieval Princess Style Costume Dress Romantic, Elegant and Luxurious Fantasy Medieval Period Gown in The Rich Shades of Pastel Lavender and Royal Purple Accented in Golden Trim. ($100) Picnic ~ Gloriously Summery, Flirty and Elegant Summer Bikini, Skirt and Dress Set. ($100) Arachnophobia ~ Gorgeous and Elegant Dark and Mysterious Spiderweb Fabric Print Design Dress. ($100) Wild ~ Embrace Your Animal Side with This Sultry and Racy Animal Print Number. Features a ripped bodice and exposed chest option. ($100) ~*~TPDesigns~*~ Sunshine Mini-Dress & Long Bustier and Cargo Pants Outfit  ($100) Succubus: Gorgeously Seductive and Mystical Gothic Gown with Long and Shirt Skirt Options. Perfect for Sorcerers, Witches, Vampires and Women with Magical Personalities alike! ($100) Requiem: Sexy and Sassy Cute Gothic / Emo Dress Set with Mini and Full Length Skirt Options for Different Looks. ($100) ~*~TPDesigns~*~ Sith Lord Robes with Cloak of Hate ($200) Dead Beauty: Georgous Gothic Dress in Lolita Style and Full Romantic Skirt Style, because even Corpses need to look Fabulous! ($100) Chemical Kid: Japanese Manga Anime Inspired Emo Outfit with a Gothic and Punk Twist ($100) Raiden: Male Mortal Kombat Inspired Samuri God of Thunder Outfit ($100) Fireblade: Female Samuri Outfit ($100) Doom: Male Prim Fantasy Armor ($100) Hypnotic: PVC / Latex Matrix Inspired Jacket Outfit with a Gothic Edge ($100) Medieval Market Pack: Set of 45 Items and Props to set up your own Medieval Market ($500) Spell to ward Away Negative Energy: ($150) - Many more spells in this collection, click this link to view them all True Love Spell: ($150) - Many more spells in this collection, click this link to view them all Tease: Exclusive FREEBIE from TPDesigns - click the link to get yours now!


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