Potential Scammer Warning

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An interesting if not confusing conversation I had with a resident earlier today left me a touch concerned. The following conversation was conducted in IM between myself and the potential scammer in question a couple of hours ago, I am not interested in the practise of naming and shaming people in public forums and have therefore decided to omit the residents actual name from the transcript below. I am prepared however to disclose this persons avatar name by means of private contact to designers that suspect this person has attempted contact them and / or would like to make a note of this name for future protection.

Feel free to contact me privately if this applies to you.

I would also like to point out at this point that during the course of the below transcripted conversation I was browsing through several windows and scanning my account transaction histories in-world, on Xstreet, Apez and metaKiosk and am confident that this person has never bought anything from TPDesigns.


Logged into SL to discover a random friendship request from Wouldbe Scammer* with the text “can you help me?” attatched…

[2009/11/07 9:31]  Tabatha Nostram: hi there – can I be of assistance in any way?
[2009/11/07 9:31]  Wouldbe Scammer: well i bought a green dress from <Other Reputable SecondLife Designer*> and it had ur name and i dont like it
[2009/11/07 9:31]  Tabatha Nostram: <Other Reputable SecondLife Designer>?
[2009/11/07 9:31]  Wouldbe Scammer: can  i get a refund please
[2009/11/07 9:31]  Wouldbe Scammer: i look pregnant
[2009/11/07 9:31]  Wouldbe Scammer: its a sstore
[2009/11/07 9:32]  Wouldbe Scammer: with ur dress in it
[2009/11/07 9:32]  Tabatha Nostram: what is it called?
[2009/11/07 9:32]  Tabatha Nostram: the dress i mean
[2009/11/07 9:32]  Wouldbe Scammer: im lookin in my inventory
[2009/11/07 9:32]  Wouldbe Scammer: hold on
[2009/11/07 9:32]  Tabatha Nostram: ok, no worries tyt
[2009/11/07 9:35]  Wouldbe Scammer: oops..wrong one..but i did buy sumtin from you..thatz y i Added you
[2009/11/07 9:35]  Tabatha Nostram: lol
[2009/11/07 9:35]  Wouldbe Scammer: what do you do???
[2009/11/07 9:35]  Tabatha Nostram: I am the owner of TPDesigns
[2009/11/07 9:35]  Wouldbe Scammer: hold on
[2009/11/07 9:36]  Tabatha Nostram: okidoki
[2009/11/07 9:40]  Wouldbe Scammer: i bought the regency dress.i liked how it looked but jus not on me
[2009/11/07 9:40]  Wouldbe Scammer: can i get a refund
[2009/11/07 9:40]  Wouldbe Scammer: i paid 120
[2009/11/07 9:41]  Tabatha Nostram: This is from the TPDesigns refunds and returns policy: Please include the full transaction details of the purchase inc date, time and the unique transaction number when requesting replacements and/or refunds
[2009/11/07 9:41]  Tabatha Nostram: is it the modify and transfer version you purchased?
[2009/11/07 9:42]  Wouldbe Scammer: thats to much..i jus want my money so i can be on my way
[2009/11/07 9:42]  Tabatha Nostram: I’m sorry, I don’t understand, what is too much?
[2009/11/07 9:42]  Wouldbe Scammer: i jus want my shyt so i cann go
[2009/11/07 9:42]  Wouldbe Scammer: all dat copy paste shyt
[2009/11/07 9:43]  Tabatha Nostram: My apologies but I will require the unique transaction ID of the sale – as stated in the TPDesigns refunds and returns policy
[2009/11/07 9:43]  Tabatha Nostram: it’s like a recipt for SL transactions
[2009/11/07 9:43]  Tabatha Nostram: in RL you would be expected to provide a recipt
[2009/11/07 9:43]  Tabatha Nostram: it’s the same here
[2009/11/07 9:44]  Tabatha Nostram: if the item is the mod and trans version a full refund will be provided upon return of every item in the package, complete
[2009/11/07 9:44]  Tabatha Nostram: if it is the modify and copy version of the outfit no refund will be given but I am able to offer replacements if needed
[2009/11/07 9:44]  Tabatha Nostram: this is all clearly started in the TDesignss refunds and returns policy
[2009/11/07 9:45]  Tabatha Nostram: this is outlined in my profile pics and on the TPDesigns Blog
[2009/11/07 9:47]  Tabatha Nostram: I’m sure you understand – of course if we didn’t sustain such a policy the anyone could simply claim that they had purchased something and attempt to scam us out of cash.
[2009/11/07 9:48]  Tabatha Nostram: your silence speaks volumes
[2009/11/07 9:48]  Tabatha Nostram: good day to you in that case

At this point I closed the Im box, removed Wouldbe Scammer from my friends list, finished my in-world business and logged off. After a brief period I logged in again to discover two additional friendship requests from Wouldbe Scammer accompanied by the text “wait wait”.

/me sighs

Ok, so even though at this point I had checked transaction histores for the last 3 months (the Regency dress not being on sale for that long), I thought perhaps there has been a mis-understanding. So I’ll give Wouldbe Scammer the benifit of the doubt…

[2009/11/07 10:29]  Tabatha Nostram: hi again – was there something else?
[2009/11/07 10:30]  Wouldbe Scammer: at <Other Reputable SecondLife Designer> i bought the <Other Reputable Designers Product>
[2009/11/07 10:30]  Wouldbe Scammer: lol
[2009/11/07 10:30]  Tabatha Nostram: I am not familier with the <Other Reputable SecondLife Designer> range
[2009/11/07 10:30]  Wouldbe Scammer: well your outfit was in there
[2009/11/07 10:31]  Tabatha Nostram: The Regency Dress was being sold in <Other Reputable SecondLife Designer>?
[2009/11/07 10:31]  Wouldbe Scammer: no the <Other Reputable Designers Product>
[2009/11/07 10:32]  Tabatha Nostram: I didn’t make that
[2009/11/07 10:32]  Wouldbe Scammer: ur name was on it
[2009/11/07 10:33]  Tabatha Nostram: if it is listing my name as the creator then perhaps they purchased a merchants prim componant pack from myself. Ultimately for instances of refund you should refer to the peron that recieved payment for the goods
[2009/11/07 10:33]  Tabatha Nostram: may i ask, does this information in any way relate to the proposed refund your requested earlier or not?
[2009/11/07 10:39]  Wouldbe Scammer: :0
[2009/11/07 10:39]  Wouldbe Scammer: ty
[2009/11/07 10:39]  Wouldbe Scammer: to where
[2009/11/07 10:39]  Tabatha Nostram: sorry – I don’t understand
[2009/11/07 10:39]  Wouldbe Scammer: wutever…fuckin con artist
[2009/11/07 10:41]  Tabatha Nostram: If you are hoping to resolve this matter I would strongly suggest that you conduct yourself in a manner thats a little classier – then perhaps we can get to the bottoms of this.
[2009/11/07 10:46]  Tabatha Nostram: In the interest of fairness – if you did indeed purchase the Regency Dress then and you can provide me with the transactions details and it was indeed the mod and trans version of the product then a refund will be given. If you wish to continue down this route then please indicate so immediately as if not I feel it necessary to add you to my mute list do to your continued harrasment. Thanks
[2009/11/07 10:47]  Wouldbe Scammer: wuteva..im reportin ya ass
[2009/11/07 10:47]  Tabatha Nostram: good day to you in that case
[2009/11/07 10:47]  You have muted this resident. Sending a message will automatically unmute them.

I have, after careful consideration decided at this time not to report the person in question as I feel that a simple mute and ban should resolve the issue effectively. Lets hope my instincts are correct.


If you are indeed a designer / store owner in SL please please have an established refunds and returns policy. I would like to take this opportunity to direct anyone that is interested to the TPDesigns Returns and Refunds Policy and would like to remind everyone to be vigilant for scammers who are trying to con money from you. Thanks

*Names changed at my descretion.


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