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Released by TPDesigns on 2nd November 2009

Outfit Includes:

Darkling ~ Ankle Boot (Left)
Darkling ~ Ankle Boot (Right)
Darkling ~ Arm Band (L)
Darkling ~ Arm Band (R)
Darkling ~ Arm Bands
Darkling ~ Belted Skirt
Darkling ~ Boot Base
Darkling ~ Scripted Hood
Darkling ~ Staff
Darkling ~ Straps Upper Arm (Left)
Darkling ~ Straps Upper Arm (Right)
Darkling ~ Top (Jacket Layer)
Darkling ~ Top (Shirt Layer)
Darkling ~ Top (Undershirt Layer)
Darkling ~ Underpants (Pants Layer)
Darkling ~ Underpants (Underpants Layer)
 Other Items in the Box:
 This Notecard
 TPDesigns Posing Stand
 TPDesigns Main Store Landmark




In-World – Modify and Transfer Only

XStreet SL – Both Modify and Transfer, and Copy Modify Versions Available

Special Features:

The following items in this pack are scripted:

Item Name:
Darkling ~ Scripted Hood
At your typed command the hood can be worn up or down.
type the following into main chat…

/6hoodup (To wear the hood up)
/6hooddown (To wear the hood down)

Item Name:
Darkling ~ Staff
As well as rotating spheres, bling and particle effects this staff enables the wearer to cast a variety of magical spells with diffent effects such as; “Love Spell” and “Black Magic”

To toggle the bling effects on/off simply type:

bling on
bling off

into main chat.

To activate the raining particle effects touch the large red sphere on the staff itself while you are wearing it – touch the sphere again to deactivate the particles (by “touch” we mean hover  over the staff until your cursor turns into a little hand and then left click.

Magic Spell Commands:
(Type the following into main chat to activate each spell)

/11 black magic
/11 energy ball
/11 energy barrage
/11 fire barrage
/11 fire
/11 fog cloud
/11 ice ball
/11 ice barrage
/11 love
/11 true love
/11 toxic cloud

(To keep things fun, rather than telling you what each of these does (dispite the fact that most of self explanitory), we’ll leave it to you to experiment and find out for yourself.)

Please Note: Any effects that are produced as a result of this magical staff are temporary and should be used only when and where appropriate.

Additional Images:

Thank You for Your Interest in This Item…

Please Visit Our In-World Store:

TPDesigns in Diamond Land

or Visit:

~*~TPDesigns @ XStreet SL~*~

to View the Entire TPDesigns Range

See Also: The TPDesigns Blog for all the latest information on TPDesigns updates, new releases and special offers, and the TPDesigns page.

Any Questions/Queries Should be Directed to:

Tabatha Nostram

Either Via XStreet SL or In-World By Leaving a Notecard.

Thank You



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