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The TPDesigns Affiliate Vendor Program

Earn 25% on all sales by selling TPDesigns Products!


If you run a mall or market place of sorts in-world in Second Life you are at liberty to take advantage of the TPDesigns Comission Based Affiliate Vending program.

How Does It Work:

If you have the available space and prims and are interested: Contact Tabatha Nostram in-world by dropping a notecard into her profile drop box stating your avatars name, the name of the vendor location with LM, available prim allowance (realistically at least 30), preference of the type of merchandise you wish to see if applicable (if you state no preference, we usually take a stroll round and get a feel for the place and set-up what seems suitable or on-theme.), and any further information you feel is relevant.

As well as sending this notecard, please send Tabatha Nostram a group invite if one is required for permanent rez privileges.

Upon receipt of your notecard and group invite, you will be sent a affiliate package in the form of a notecard. This will include:

  • A Reserved for TPDesigns Prim that you should place temporarily at the location you wish us to set-up in.
  • A UUID Keycode Finder that you wear to receive your keycode in main chat (we will need this code for the commission split script).
  • Further Instructions

Once you have replied we should have everything we require from you to get set up.

We will set up a small shop to the capacity of your prim allowance at the requested space. This will be in the format of single prim vendor boards – each of which will be scripted with an automatic profit split script (25% of all sales at this location will go directly to yourself), we will also require (at least) one prim for a sign with the TPDesigns Logo on it and any rental boxes present to be removed or set to free for our use only. Upon completion you will be contacted and asked to pop down and take a look over everything when you get a spare moment to ensure everything is to your liking, in which instance we would appreciate the removal of the reserved prim you placed.

This program is ideal for:

  • Mall owners that are starting up and want potential rental vendors to see that the place is filing up and generating interest – a full space is better than an empty one with a rental box in to generate further business.
  • Themed Malls / Shopping Spaces that would suit the TPDesignsproduct range (which with over 500 items is rather varied): We would say anyone with a medieval, fantasy, roleplay, gothic, Wiccan, pirate, steampunk et al type theme would find our merchandise suitable – to check out the full range to judge for yourself and potentially select items you would like to see for sale at your place please check out the full selection of TPDesigns listings at XStreet SL: By Clicking HERE.
  • Established mall owners who are considering  opening up space to try commission based vending – if even for a trial period to see how it works for them.
  • Anyone who has the space and prims and is interested in earning a few extra linden.

We would like to make the following very clear to everyone who is considering being part of this program: We will always respect and understand that this is your piece of land and your prims and we would therefore never expect you to feel obliged to keep our things in your space if you felt for any reason and at any time that the program was not working out for you. If for any reason you feel the need to return our items we will completely respect your decision to do so.


TPDesigns and Commission Based Affiliate Vending:

Since TPDesigns main store location in diamond land was established we were keen to expand to smaller rental spaces throughout the grid for added exposure and to generate alternative sources of income. We were introduced to the concept of commission based vending when approached by a themed mall owner who was interesting in this type of partnership – he had only just opened his shopping area and it was full of empty spaces and not generating much interest – he decided to scout for merchants that were on theme and approached them with his 25% of all sales in his sim to himself offer. Needless to say his shopping area was full within 2 days and almost a year later is still flourishing (and we still have a space there).

Since this particular partnership turned out to be so successful we at TPDesigns made the decision to only deal in this type of vending and now hold over 20 different locations on the grid with this type of agreement.

Contact Tabatha Nostram In-World to make arrangements for us to set-up or simply for further information.


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TPDesigns Product Support

As we mention in accompanying notecard in all TPDesigns products, any questions / queries or requests for customer support should be directed in-world to: Tabatha Nostram

Unfortunately as many of Second Lifes residents discover – offline Instant Messages are often capped and this is almost always the case for Tabatha. Of course if you were to send her an offline IM  and she did indeed receive it she will always respond. Since so many of these messages get eaten up however we simply cannot guarantee that she will receive your message and her subsequent lack of response would result in a lack of customer care that we do not wish to occur.

Customer care is of paramount importance to us at TPDesigns and we have therefore, opened up a few different methods of communication for our customer care department.

By Notecard:

Firstly there is the notecard option – this although is not 100% effective as some notes like offline IM’s have been known to get lost and sometimes a SL bug can temporarily effect this. Still, we believe that this is the most effective method of communicating with us regarding TPDesigns products. Please note that Tabatha replied to EVERY note she receives no matter what the content (with the exception of vendor invite spam) within 48 hours of receiving it. If you have not received a reply then assume she did not get your note and either try again or opt for another method of communication.

How to Create / send a Notecard:

In your inventory, click on Create and New Note. Write your message in there making sure you leave your avatars full name. On the main page of my profile towards the bottom is a box that reads Drop Inventory Item Here. Once you have finished your notecard – hit save and drag and drop it from your inventory into her profile drop box. (Tabatha Nostram)

By Email:

We are now pleased to announce that we have made an email account for TPDesigns and you are free to contact us at anytime using this email address:

By Postbox:

You can leave me a message via my mail box at the main TPDesigns store. (Touch the box for instructions).

Via Xstreet SL:

To Contact Us this way, you must have an XStreet Account – then hit this link:


Refunds and Returns Policy

Refunds: No cash refunds on copy items at any time. Damaged Copy Items will be replaced upon request.

Refunds on transfer items only upon return of every item in the package.

Replacements on Transfer (no copy) Items available if damaged through modification upon return of the item(s) in question.

Please include the full transaction details of the purchase inc date, time and the unique transaction number when requesting replacements and/or refunds. If you are unable to provide these details or if I am unable to find a corresponding number in my personal transaction history, no replacements or refunds will be given.

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TPDesigns Mailing List Now Available!

We are pleased to finally annonce that the TPDesigns mailing list is now officially up and running!

Subscribers to the list will be subject to the same treats, freebies, gifts, prize draws, give-aways, updates and information that members of the regular TPDesigns group are only without the hassle of having to make space in your SL groups for us (which we know can be a hassle with the 25 limit imposed by Linden Lab).

To join is simple – just pop into our in-world store by clicking this SLurl: touch (left click) the Mailing List Sign Board by the shop entrance. (It looks like this…)


That’s It! Simples 🙂


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Apez.promote Affiliate

TPDesigns on Twitter

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Latest Products From TPDesigns:

(Click a thumbnail to visit each product listing on XStreet SL)
~*~TPDesigns~*~ Juliet Fantasy Medieval Princess Style Costume Dress Romantic, Elegant and Luxurious Fantasy Medieval Period Gown in The Rich Shades of Pastel Lavender and Royal Purple Accented in Golden Trim. ($100) Picnic ~ Gloriously Summery, Flirty and Elegant Summer Bikini, Skirt and Dress Set. ($100) Arachnophobia ~ Gorgeous and Elegant Dark and Mysterious Spiderweb Fabric Print Design Dress. ($100) Wild ~ Embrace Your Animal Side with This Sultry and Racy Animal Print Number. Features a ripped bodice and exposed chest option. ($100) ~*~TPDesigns~*~ Sunshine Mini-Dress & Long Bustier and Cargo Pants Outfit  ($100) Succubus: Gorgeously Seductive and Mystical Gothic Gown with Long and Shirt Skirt Options. Perfect for Sorcerers, Witches, Vampires and Women with Magical Personalities alike! ($100) Requiem: Sexy and Sassy Cute Gothic / Emo Dress Set with Mini and Full Length Skirt Options for Different Looks. ($100) ~*~TPDesigns~*~ Sith Lord Robes with Cloak of Hate ($200) Dead Beauty: Georgous Gothic Dress in Lolita Style and Full Romantic Skirt Style, because even Corpses need to look Fabulous! ($100) Chemical Kid: Japanese Manga Anime Inspired Emo Outfit with a Gothic and Punk Twist ($100) Raiden: Male Mortal Kombat Inspired Samuri God of Thunder Outfit ($100) Fireblade: Female Samuri Outfit ($100) Doom: Male Prim Fantasy Armor ($100) Hypnotic: PVC / Latex Matrix Inspired Jacket Outfit with a Gothic Edge ($100) Medieval Market Pack: Set of 45 Items and Props to set up your own Medieval Market ($500) Spell to ward Away Negative Energy: ($150) - Many more spells in this collection, click this link to view them all True Love Spell: ($150) - Many more spells in this collection, click this link to view them all Tease: Exclusive FREEBIE from TPDesigns - click the link to get yours now!


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